HVAC Service and Repair

Here at Air Conditioning Anaheim, we always recommend getting your current air conditioning or heating system repaired, rather than buying a brand new one. Regardless of how old your current system is, we can repair it and get it running just as it did the day you purchased it.

To book your Service & Repair appointment, simply call us today and our trained advisors will take care of all the details, allowing you to relax. Whether you are a commercial customer with a large system, or a home user with a single unit – we can repair and rejuvenate your current system, improving its capabilities within hours.

All of our team are highly trained, and qualified to work on all brands and models of air conditioning/heating systems in Anaheim, this means we can fit many appointments in with one day – as all our team are as skilled as each other, so all jobs can be completed much quicker than any other company can. This keeps your costs low, as we won’t be there for long compared to other companies! This all helps us to provide a great customer service, and helps to keep you satisfied with our service. Although we may be quick; we leave no stone unturned during the Service/Repair of your air conditioning/heating system.

Whether you know what the problem is, or need us to diagnose the unit – we are more than happy to take a look. The majority of issues we can fix straight away thanks to our huge level of experience within this industry. However, the more information you can give us regarding your problem, means we can order any parts needed before your appointment, making the actual repair a breeze. Otherwise, we may need to come and diagnose your system, and then order parts – which all translate to you not having your system fixed until the parts have arrived.


During a service of your air conditioning/heating system in Anaheim, we will fully inspect your system for any leaks, or any wear and tear on individual components. Any component that is damaged, or worn will be replaced at our discretion, allowing you to have a perfectly working system again.

Naturally, a standard service varies depending on the type of system, and size of system you own. However, regardless of the size – all aspects of the unit will be subject to a full inspection, to ensure that no problems will occur and that the system will run optimally regardless of any other factors.


We will always give you a quote before operating on your system, and we will endeavour to keep the actual cost as close to the estimate as possible, as this allows you to feel satisfied. We will keep you updated on the repair of your system throughout, letting you know of any problems regardless of whether it is a single home unit, or a large industrial unit – we’ll get it fixed!