Heating Repair and Installation

Many people don’t realise that air conditioning means heating as well as cooling down a room or property! That’s right, our air conditioning systems include a control panel allowing you to choose the ambient temperature you want, whether it’s cold or warm – our air conditioning systems will heat or cool air and spread it around the house, allowing you to enjoy the system.

No more winter’s spent freezing wrapped in a blanket, simply call us today and we’ll fix that problem immediately! Yes that’s right, by calling us we can fix your current air conditioner; or fit a new one if you don’t already own a unit.

Unfortunately, many air conditioning systems tend to experience wear and tear over the years, and this causes the heating element to be less effective, meaning it takes longer and longer each time to heat up your home. Here at Air Conditioning Anaheim we can take care of this, and get your air conditioner running back as it was the day you bought it; or replace it with a newer unit – the choice is really up to you!

All of our highly trained technicians can fit air conditioning systems extremely efficiently, this allows our fees to be low and we won’t spend as long installing our systems as many other companies would. This all helps achieve the perfect customer service, which we endeavour to provide in all cases, whether you are a commercial or personal customer.


We can fit virtually any unit of heating system of Anaheim, extremely efficiently too at a time that suits you. This means no more having to book days away from work to get us round, unlike other companies we will strive to be fully flexible, and fit around all of your other plans. Whether you want a huge multi-room heating system, or a small single room heating system just to heat your garage, we’ve got you covered.

Heating Repairs

Not only do we fit new heating systems in Anaheim, we can repair and service your current system. Even if you own a less known brand of heating system, our skilled team can fix it. We have a huge amount of experience with all types and brands of heating systems, allowing us to get your system fixed as soon as possible, so you can enjoy the warmth it has to offer during the colder days.

If you are looking to get a new heating system fitted, or would like your current unit to be repaired or serviced, just give us a call! Our trained advisors will guide you through every step, and get your appointment booked! We’ll then turn up at your home or business on the day, and get straight to work getting the job done. We will only leave once you are satisfied, whether you want the ducts in your home system cleaning, or need a new fan fitting in your current heater – we can do it all, at affordable prices. Call us at Air Conditioning Anaheim today for a quote.