Air Duct Cleaning, Repair, and Installation

If you own an air conditioning system, or a heating system that uses ducts to transport the air around; then you should make sure they are getting cleaned regularly. Fortunately, here at Air Conditioning Anaheim, we offer this service to all of our customers. We aim to be as flexible as possible, to fit around any plans you already have, and therefore will always endeavour to give you the cleaning appointment that you wanted.

Dirty ducts can cause a huge variety of problems, dust filters can become clogged causing poor airflow – which means your system will become less effective over time. If dust filters are blocked or congested, then the air pressure can rise in certain parts of the ducts, which can cause cracks in the system – which all translates to a less effective, and damaged system which will need repairing.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep your air conditioning/heating system in the best condition possible. Here at Air Conditioning Anaheim – we’ll do all the hard, dirty work for you.

Many other companies may simply give your air ducts a quick wipe down, however we don’t. We’ll give your ducts a full inspection and service, and replace air filters within the ducts. Whether your ducts only need a light, or heavy duty clean we’ve got it covered.

Air filters are a necessity within larger systems, due to the huge volume of air that is transported through them every day, the filters are required to filter out any dust and debris that may be present in the air, especially if you work in the food industry or within a hospital. Dirty air is not safe for food/health related businesses, as it can cause contamination or allergies.

We can offer a huge variety of cleaning services to all of our clients, whether you just want a light, quick clean. However, we would recommend a full system-wide clean, along with disinfectant at least once a year. This is not just limited to the ducts, in a system-wide clean we also disassemble and clean all components within individual units. This saves you a lot of money in the long run; as the lifespan of your air conditioning/heating system will be greatly increased if it has a regular clean.

Many of our customers don’t realise the adverse effects that can occur from having unclean ducts within their air conditioning/heating system, by regularly maintaining the cleanliness of the system – the benefits are huge, many air conditioning systems only become broken or damaged due to neglect, as they are not cleaned regularly. This means a huge cost for a new air conditioning system is needed, whereas a cheap clean every few months would’ve avoided that.

We will also inspect your ducts for any signs of damage or wear and tear during your cleaning appointment, and make you aware of them – we can also repair the ducts if you wish too.

To book a cleaning appointment simply give us a call today.