About Our Air Conditioning Company

Here at Air Conditioning Anaheim, we strive to provide only the best service possible. Therefore, we cut no corners, and leave no stone unturned while repairing your air conditioner. We work with a huge variety of customers, and subsequently – have a huge amount of experience within the air conditioning industry.

Whether you need an air conditioner fitting in Anaheim to get through the hot summer months, or whether you would like us to repair, or clean your current unit – we’ve got you covered. We can operate on small home units, or even large multi-warehouse units.

Due to our highly accredited experience, the likelihood is that any problem you have with your air conditioner, we’ve seen before. This allows us to get it fixed much quicker than any other company, and allows you to simply relax and enjoy your air conditioner!

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty "cool" company, (if you pardon the pun!) We love being able to help customers by repairing, fitting and cleaning any air conditioning systems, restoring them back to their once former glory!

What do we offer?

We offer a variety of services in Anaheim, fit for all of your air conditioning needs, whether it be fitting a full AC system in your home or commercial property, cleaning your ducts, or servicing/repairing your current air conditioner – we can do it all.


Many air conditioners, once they are a few years old tend to work perfectly fine to cool down a room; however, they lack in the heating department. This is an early warning sign that the heating element needs to be replaced, as it has become ineffective. Luckily for you, we can fix this and any other problems that arise with your air conditioner regarding heating.

There is no need to worry if the heating aspect of your air conditioner fails to work, it is a very common problem and therefore we can fix it with no hassle or fuss!

Duct Cleaning

This is one of the most important services that your air conditioner should receive often; as dirty ducts can spread bacteria and dust around your home. Dirty ducts mean that you spend more time cleaning your home, air conditioning units can spread dirt from outside all over your home if they are not cleaned regularly. We can even fit filters within your ducts, or upgrade your current filters to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that is spread around the ducts.

Service & Repair

Air Conditioners are no different to any other devices, they are subject to wear and tear too! We recommend that every air conditioner system should be fully serviced each year, or at least every two years minimum. This allows for the air conditioner to perform optimally, meaning you can enjoy it more.

Here at Air Conditioning Anaheim we have fair pricing schemes, rather than charging a flat hourly rate like many other companies, we charge what is right for the job. This ensures that our customers get the most for their money, and have a higher level of satisfaction.